Our Approach

Our philosophy and values build the foundation on which our 3-step approach is designed on:

Centalis HR Approach - The decoding

The decoding

Each collaboration is unique, just like our clients.

We listen to understand the business goals and needs of our clients.

We decode the characteristics of each company such as: culture, industry specifics, operational structures as well as opportunities and challenges they may be facing.

Together we can achieve more.

We speak HR

One Stop Shop.

We are seasoned HR professionals with both the theoretical and practical experience.

You name it, we take care of it.

We cover all the operations of the HR function.

We also understand that change is the only constant therefore we are flexible and up to date with technological innovation that benefit HR activities.

Centalis HR Approach - We speak HR
Centalis HR Approach - The Result

The Result

We translate your business objectives and specific characteristics into bespoke HR solutions that are appropriate for your organization and can be effectively applied.

We create an environment of honesty and trust and we act with empathy becoming the single point of contact for you and your employees regarding all HR matters.

We pride ourselves that we both design and execute simple, practical and high-quality HR strategies, policies and procedures to support you in reinforcing your people operations and in turn grow and succeed.

Our Services

Managing Director

Anna Charalambidou

Anna is an experienced HRM Professional with over 13 years of experience, focusing on generalist Human Resource Management roles.

During her career, Anna has gained well-rounded experiences in the field of Human Resource Management as the internal HR person of companies operating in various industries, such as Financial Services, Investment Firms regulated by CySEC and Real Estate.

Starting her career at big4 company KPMG Cyprus, she was later leading the internal HR Departments of companies both in Cyprus and in Europe.

Her strengths lie in her practical hands-on experience and in understanding each company’s unique characteristics and operating structures to effectively design as well as implement the most appropriate strategies for each company covering the whole range of HRM field.

Anna is a graduate of the University of Nicosia holding a BSc in Business Administration with specialization in Economics and Finance and an MSc in Human Resource Management from the University of Manchester.

Contact Number:
  • +(357) 22 232 513
  • +(357) 99 511 822
Nicosia, Cyprus